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Whiskey Cupcakes

Set Your Mouth On Fire

Not a typical cupcake.  These are more like whiskey shots except your downing yummy flavored buttercream icing and jello.  Of course your got to be at a legal drinking age to party-take!

A holiday treat for all your friends to remember.  Now you got like jello.  You could just swallow the whole cupcake down the hatch just like a raw oyster except you want to lick the icing before you do.

You gotta love hot cinnamon candy.


Read Excerpt Below.  Tell Us If You Think They Will Taste Good!

………That’s where these Fireball Jello Shot Cupcakes come in. I was immediately interested in them when I saw the recipe (since Fireball whisky is the perfect alcohol for cool weather) but I still wanted to give it a shot (oh, look that pun!) to see if they turned out as well as the original poster claimed. The cupcake shots look cute, sure, but do they taste as good as they look………….written by Christy Toombs.

Read Through This

………………The recipe for the frosting comes from Cupcake Wars winner Heather Saffer who recently published The Dollop Book of Frosting. This post is a part of her holiday blog tour and she was nice enough to send me a copy of the book to peruse. This recipe immediately stuck out at me, I can’t say no to hot cinnamon flavored treats! It was one of the frostings that helped her win Cupcake Wars, and I can attest that it’s worth the win. The creamy frosting made a great “chaser” for the Fireball jello shot, piped beautifully, and added a punch of sweetness………………….written by Erica.

It must be delicious because two ladies posted about it.   For a complete recipe, click here.

Special Thanks to Christy Toombs at For Posting And Posting Screenshot Photo.

Special Thanks To Erica at Posting And Screenshot Image.





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