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Summer Fun

How About Some Flower Pots

Having a summer celebration or getting ready for another holiday party?  These cute cupcakes are simple to make.

All your friends will want to know how you baked them in a flower pot.  Neat thing about this…..your guests will have a party favor to take home and make their own cupcake.  Or your kids can keep the pots to plant a real plant.

The cute pink flowers are made out of paper; however, you could just buy some cute flowers at a craft store and stink them in the pot.

Started out as a spring idea; however, your children can help with the dirt and planting flowers.  Great family craft idea!



Read Through This And Can You Guess What Flavor The Dirt Is?

………………………………..They are very easy, fun and would be a great activity to decorate with kids! Wouldn’t they just get a kick out of “planting” the flowers after sprinkling dirt on their cupcakes………………..Dana DeVolk.

For the complete recipe, click here.

Special Thanks to Dana DeVolk At For The Cute Idea.  All Screenshot Are From Her Post.


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