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Red Velvet Cookie Cupcake

Red Velvet Cookie Cupcake

My husband’s favorite three things are cookies, cakes, and red velvet!  In fact, I made a red velvet cake for Thanksgiving and he did not want to share it or give it away to our other family members.  He just wanted to take it home and eat it by himself.  Of course, he did for a whole week with my help.

So this Red Velvet Cookie Cupcake is just another favorite of my husband’s.  You can use your favorite buttercream frosting or use Cool whip instead of whipped cream, whichever your family prefers.

The Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix is a quick holiday favorite when you don’t have the time to make your cookies from scratch or refrigerate your cookie dough before you bake them.

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Perfect Sugar Cookies Mix For People Who Love Cookies

Several individuals found this delicious instant cookie mix a life saver for those who usually make their cookies from scratch; however, that one time when they just want to put it all in a bowl instead of measuring every ingredient.

Not too sweet mixture for sugar cookies.  Has a great flavor.  Kids love it!

The nice thing about these sugar cookies is you don’t have to refrigerate them before you bake.











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