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Rainbow Top

Easy Colorful Rainbow Top

Have you ever missed up your icing so bad you didn’t want to take the cake to your family event or celebration.  I have.

One Christmas, I made this delicious chocolate cake from scratch.  The caramel icing was a bomb.  It looked awful on the cake.  So I looked in the freezer and found semi-morsels of dark chocolate, white chocolate, and milk chocolate.

I melted them separately in a bowl.  Then I drizzled on top of the caramel icing all of the colors zigging and zagging all over the cake.  Then I called it my chocolate destroyer cake.  Carried it over for Christmas and all my family was amazed with how beautiful it looked.  (If they only knew the truth)  Ever since that Christmas, I have had to make it every year.  Who knew!


When I saw this beautiful rainbow top on a cake, it reminded me of my chocolate cake.  More important you could downsize this idea into several multi-colored cupcakes with 3 colors each.  Kids will love it!

Take A Minute To Watch This One And See If You Think It Would Be A Great Cupcake Top!

Special Thanks To Cookies, Cupcakes, and Cardio For Posting This Video.  All Screenshots From This Video.



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