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RAINBOW Cupcakes

Leprechaun Cupcakes!

I have been trying to find a rainbow in a cupcake recipe.  You could change these to any color on the outside you like.  If you have a child who loves rainbows, once they bite into this cupcake….they will love ya!

You only need six different colors to make them.  You can add the rainbows on top or leave them off.  A rainbow template is provided for in the video.  Basically it’s just a colored rainbow on a  piece of paper.

You have to say hello to Donal Skehan, a cute Irishman who loves delicious home cooked recipes before you can peak at how to make Leprechaun cupcakes.  Your kids will love these on St. Patrick’s Day for a St. Patties Day Special.

Watch the Video Below For The Recipe

Special Thanks To Elise From MyCupCakeAddiction For The Video.  All Screenshots From Video.


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