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Perfect Blue Magic Cupcakes

Perfect Blue Magic Cupcakes

Great cupcakes for birthdays, parties, school functions, and sports events.  These Perfect Blue Magic Cupcakes are so easy to make.  I would double batch them because you will have plenty of the blue sugar magic after your first batch.

Also, if you notice, her cupcakes don’t overflow the cake liners.  It’s because she doesn’t fill the liners with cupcake batter to the top.  If she did, your cupcakes would be domed & high.

One individual was going to use blue jolly ranchers instead of making the sugar mixture.  I guess that would work if you like the flavor.

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Perfect Blue Magic Cupcakes

Take A Minute To Watch This One And See If You Think You Can Make Perfect Blue Magic Cupcakes

Special Thanks To Cupcake Jemma For Recipe Video.  All Screenshots From Video.

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