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No Bake Snickers Giant

Snickers Ice Cream Bar

Get ready to share!  No one can take just one bite!  No baking involved.  Only four ingredients.


Ingredients – 1) Unsalted peanuts, 2) Milk chocolate, 3) Whipping Cream (35% milk fat) – make sure it is as cold as it can be, & 4) Two cans of  canned caramel (Nestle Top n’ Fill used in video or make your own).

Whole lot easier just to buy caramel.  Need some kind of tin (a bar tin used in video).  Loaf tin may work.

Also you will need some parchment paper to line your tin before you pour in your mixture.  Need a spatula or knife to smooth the top.  Plastic wrapping to wrap around the tin and mixture.  Only takes 6 hours to set and have mixture frozen solid.

Watch Video For Complete Instructions

Video Credit: MyCupcakeAddiction

Below is Video Recommended Ingredients

  • 2 x cans of Caramel / Top n Fill or Dulce de Leche
  • 100g unsalted Peanut
  • 600ml Whipping cream
  • 800g melted dark (or milk) chocolate

Special Thanks To Elise ( For Video And Image Screenshots


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