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Marshmallow Flowers

Great Cupcake Toppers

Love marshmallows!  Your family and children will drool over these cupcake toppers.  You might have to watch them because they will pluck the flowers off when you are not looking and eat them.

It is amazing how simple this topper is.  You don’t have to learn any special baking techniques.  In fact, this topper will work with any instant cake mix flavor.

All you need are scissors, cornstarch, marshmallows, and spray food coloring.  If you can cut a marshmallow with four slits, you are halfway finished.  Just have to be able to smooth out the marshmallows to look like flower petals.  Instant adorable cupcakes with colorful flowers.


Take a Minute To Watch This Video And See If You Can Make These Toppers!

Special Thanks To Wilton For Posting This Video.  All Screenshots Are From This Video.


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