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Frozen Themed Snowy Cupcakes

Frozen Themed Snowy Cupcakes

These Frozen Themed Snowy Cupcakes are delicious and easy to make.  They are so cute for parties with Disney’s Frozen Theme.  Everybody loves Elsa and Olaf characters.

What a great way to host a Frozen party!  All my kiddos love having a party based on their favorite movie, Frozen.  Every item for the party is decorated in blue.  Invitations can say “A Frozen Birthday Celebration” or “Do you Want To Build A Snowman?”.

It it is snowing, you could have a snowball fight.  If your party is not during the winter, it works during the summer also.  You could plan a snowball fight with rolled up white socks or whatever socks you had available.  If you get hit with a snowball, you’re out.  Play pin the carrot on a enlarged picture of Olaf.

Have your guests dress up as Elsa with a  frozen cape or as Ana in her dress.  The kids could play Karaoke to the Frozen Soundtrack.  The other kids could dance to the music.  The kids would have loads of fun.  There is unlimited activities for a Frozen Theme party.

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