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Edible Bouquet

How Beautiful and Simple to Make!

The edible bouquet is not difficult to make at all.  Great way to entertain for a wedding shower, baby shower, chick party, or a birthday party.

What’s really nice about this recipe is all you have to do is register  on the awesome website and you get the instructions for free.

Not only that, this decorating idea came from a popular bakery in London started by a friendship.


Read part of the story below about how this London bakery got started and share your thoughts.

Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes is a multi award winning cake company based in London. Founded in June 2011, the company is headed by Cake Artists and bestfriends, Valeri and Christina.  It was by a sweet accident that these ladies discovered their passion and talent. On Mother’s Day 2011, these ladies wanted to give their two friends whom they consider their “second-mums” something special but not expensive and decided to just bake for them. They scoured the internet and stumbled on a tutorial about making a Sunflower Cupcake using a ziploc-bag improvise. This was when they first fell in love with buttercream, piping different flowers and so they never stopped since.

……………Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes promises Elegance… Originality… Sophistication… Quality… PERFECTION.

Check out the Queen of Hearts Cakes for their entire story and how to obtain instructions on creating this beautiful edible bouquet.


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