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Easy Toothy Cupcakes

Monster Halloween Cupcakes

Elmo, Cookie Monster, or Grover Turned Vampire!!  You could make some cute Sesame Street character cupcakes with eyes depending on what kind of teeth you purchase.  Cupcakes can be decorated with or without eyes depending on your birthday or Halloween party theme.

Grass frosting gives them a cute hairy look!


Use some eyeballs to make them into Sesame Street characters.  Looks like Cookie Monster below except he’s purple.




Look Hard To Make But So Simple….Watch The Video For Instructions

Monster Cupcakes For Halloween

List of Materials & Ingredients

  • Buttercream Frosting
  • Gel Food Paste Colors (Any color you want to make – 3 colors were used)
  • Funfetti cake mix (Or your favorite cake mix)
  • Cupcake Liners & cupcake tin
  • Raspberry Jam (Or Strawberry Jam)
  • Plastic Vampire Teeth (Purchased at Dollar store)
  • Grass Tip With Piping Bag (Or frost your favorite method)
  • Clean Pliers (To clamp teeth at hinges)

Make some buttercream frosting & tint it with some gel food paste colors. Yoyomax12 prefers gel food paste colors because you don’t have to use as much & it doesn’t thin out the frosting.

3 different bowls of buttercream frosting is used. You can use whatever colors you like.

For the cupcakes, she baked up a batch of Funfetti cupcakes from a mix.  Follow directions on box.

Purchased small vampire teeth from the Dollar store.

Marked off the width of the vampire teeth on top of the cupcake by gently pressing it into the cupcake.


Take a sharp serrated knife & cut a V-shaped wedge from your cupcake by holding your knife at an angle. Slicing from the marked points on top of the cupcake.

End up with a V-shaped space in your cupcake. Doesn’t have to be perfect.  Just deep enough to hold about a teaspoon of jam.

Filled it with about a teaspoon of raspberry jam just to give it a nice red color.  You might could use strawberry jam.


For the fur on the cupcake, she uses the buttercream icing with a grass tip in a piping bag. You can apply the frosting anyway you like. Grass tip is a lot of fun to use & it gives the cupcake a lot of texture.

Places buttercream frosting all the way around the cupcake till it is covered.

Then you take the plastic vampire teeth with a pair of pliers (scrubbed clean) & pinch the hinged portion of the teeth to keep them from splitting open.

Insert the vampire teeth into the cupcake, pressing the teeth down so they stick to the frosting.


Special Thanks To Yoyomax12 For Video Posting & Image Screenshots.


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