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Easy Halloween Jars

Halloween Cupcakes In a Jar

Generally any jam jars or mason jars will work as long as they not fine delicate candy jars.  Most jars will go on the oven.  Just make sure they are oven safe.


Permanent marker will wash off over time….so you will be able to reuse these jars.  Use the permanent market to decorate the face onto the jar.  Can decorate just the front of the jar or all the way around.  Great idea to involve your kids here with a little supervision (because they are glass)!


Great tip for achieving black buttercream frosting is to remember when you die something black, it is going to come out looking gray to begin with.  If you let sit, preferably overnight…color will actually darken with time.


Halloween Cupcake Jars

Tools & Equipment:
Jars to bake in – Mason jars, old jam jars etc
Permanent marker
Goggly eyes (from the craft store)
2 spoons
2 disposable piping bags
2 star piping tips

Buttercream frosting in black and green
Black sprinkles
Green sprinkles
Cupcake batter (Used pumpkin spice batter in video)

Special Thanks To Elise – MyCupcakeAddiction For Recipe Video & Video Image Screenshots.


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