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Easter Bunny Ears Cupcakes

Easter Bunny Ears Cupcakes

One of my favorite times of the year for families and kids is Easter.  Growing up, my mother and us kids gathered around the table and colored boiled eggs.  Needless to say after hunting them in the backyard, you couldn’t eat them.  Looking back I realize we wasted a lot of eggs.  Back then, it was the family thing to do for Easter.  I miss those times.  However, these Easter Bunny Ears Cupcakes are a way to get the family back into the kitchen together for some fun.

Today, most families have an Easter egg hunt but it’s with candies, chocolates, plastic toys, and plastic filled eggs (sometimes hidden money).  The kids don’t get to enjoy preparing for the egg hunt.  Easter has become all about something quick & convenient.

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This Easter Bunny Cupcakes recipe is really easy.  My mother and I would make cupcakes similar to these when I was growing up.  Of course, it was just vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting.  Mom might place an chocolate Easter egg on top.  We had so much fun.  Today, I enjoy sharing the same experience with my own children.

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