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Drowning Ponies

Colorful My Little Pony Cupcakes

All the colors of the rainbow are not only inside the cupcake but also on the outside of the cupcake.  Beautiful pastel Easter colors….that’s a thought.  Could make these cupcakes for Easter and place Peeps on top.  I can’t wait till Peeps are back on the shelf.

This is a great birthday party idea for kids.  After they have eaten their cupcake, the ponies can be taken home as a party favor.  Whoo!  Hoo!

If you are not a fondue cook….no problem.  Just get some colorful candies, sprinkles, or other little sweet goodies for toppers.


Wanna know how she keeps her ponies from drowning?  Watch the video below.


Special Thanks to Rosanna Pansino For Posting This Video and Suggesting to purchase My Little Pony figurine toys from Toys
R Us.



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