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Ever Heard of a Cupcaron?

Me neither and then I thought macaroon.  So does this mean someone made a cupcake out of coconut macaroons?  I used to eat the rainbow-colored macaroons when I was a child.

My grandpa ran a fishing pond and lake.  At the concession stand, he had macaroons.  I loved them!  Such wonderful childhood memories.

Anyway…..years ago they had a candy made out of pressed coconut.  That was my first time to taste coconut candy.  Eventually I learned how to bake coconut macaroons.

I love coconut cake; however, my husband doesn’t.  I don’t know many men who do like coconut.  My husband says it is because of the texture.  What?  I don’t know about that.  All I know is…….we cracked real coconuts with a nail and hammer to get the milk out.  Then we would scrap the coconut out of the shell.  My grandmother would make a coconut cake from scratch that was out of this world.  I so wish I had the recipe or a video of her making the cake.  She never measured anything.  Just poured it into the bowl…..Out popped a cake!

Getting back……If you want to learn what a cupcaron is….read part of the article written by Peter Basildon below

Hybrid desserts may have slowed down since the explosion of the cronut back in 2013, but the mashing of two different kinds of dessert to form one sweet Frankenstein is definitely still a common kitchen game played by many…………………….

Click Here For The Rest Of The Article.  Special Thanks To FineDiningLovers.Com For Bringing Back Memories and ScreenShot.


Special Thanks To PetiteSweetsHouston.Com For The Making Of These Desserts And The Screenshot Above.  Whenever you are in Houston, Texas….stop by their bakery and have a cupcaron!


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