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Cupcake Basics

Everyone Needs A Basic Recipe

I have a standard cream cheese pound cake recipe on hand for any occasion.  I can whip it up.  Bake it.  Turn it into a strawberry pound cake delight.

It is a stand-bye cake I can bring to any occasion without having to worry about needing refrigeration.  All my family and friends love it.

The batter is to die for.  I can’t keep my husband away from the mixing bowl.  He stands right beside me just like a kid……Is it ready now?  How about now?  Can I lick the spoon?

Do You Need A Basic Recipe?  Read The Following:

……………………Everyone needs a good basic cupcake recipe to create the perfect cupcakes. These plain cupcakes can be decorated with our perfect cupcake buttercream to create beautiful cupcakes perfect for any occasion – it’s one of goodtoknow’s top cupcake recipes! This basic cupcake recipe makes a batch of 24 cupcakes. To make your cupcakes even, use an ice cream scoop when it comes to filling the cupcake cases with mixture. This will make sure you have an even amount of mixture in each cupcake case and that they should rise to the same height. These cupcakes are ideal for making with children and can be decorated with icing, buttercream or drizzled in chocolate……………………posted by


Watch This Short Video Using The Recipe

Note:  Sue states she turns the oven on at 190 degrees C which converts into 374 degrees F.  She bakes them only 15 to 18 minutes.

Special Thanks To For Posting This Video.  All ScreenShots Are From This Video.

Special Thanks To Sue McMahan On For Her Helpful Video.





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