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Best Chocolate Cupcakes From Scratch

Best Chocolate Cupcakes From Scratch

While baking these cupcakes for a family chili get-together, I noticed my cupcakes didn’t rise that much.  After reviewing, I found these Best Chocolate Cupcakes From Scratch recipe will rise a little but not dome like some muffing or cupcakes do.  When I was cooking them, I found out too late that my baking soda was old.  Drat!  Same thing happened to me with my Cotton Candy Cupcakes (pictured below).  But this time, my baking powder was outdated.  I thought I could get away with it.  Nope!  Don’t even try.  Wasted my cupcakes.  They were thick & didn’t rise.

Cotton Candy Cupcakes

When filling the cupcakes, just gently push the tip into the cupcake & fill.  Recommend a longer tip instead of a short one.  Otherwise with the shorter tip will require you to cut out a small piece to start your tip with a small knife.  No tips available.  Try filling a ziploc bag.  Cut off one corner.  Cut out a little of the cupcake on top for filling.  The crumbs will disappear before you know it.  I’ve got some munchions running around myself.

Once again the recipe calls for coffee granules which does make a slight difference.  If you’re not a coffee drinker, don’t go out and buy coffee specifically for these cupcakes.  Cakes will taste fantastic without the coffee to enhance the chocolate flavor.

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