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Oooh Cake!

Halloween Bundt Cake

Gorgeous colors for this time of year.  Colorful cake is so festive with bright colors.  Kids will love it!  Perfect for a Halloween or a birthday party.

Jamie makes the instructions so simple….even for those who wanna be a baker but don’t always follows directions.  Easy recipe with an instant cake mix.

Jamie purchased gel colored food coloring for Halloween.  They came as a box of 4 tubes at her local Walmart.  Might be able to find something similar at Michael’s……Just don’t wait….they will sell out quickly.

We’re sure you could switch up the colors for whatever holiday or birthday theme you are celebrating.  How about Christmas colors?


"Oooh" and "aah" your guests with this impressive Halloween Bundt Cake! It is so colorful and it's easy to make.

 Halloween Bundt Cake Recipe


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