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Huge Rainbow Cupcake

I Mean A Giant Cupcake!

This recipe is for individuals who have had some practice with silicone molds and baking.  The rainbow cupcake is actually a huge cake in disguise.

A mud cake recipe is used.  Approximately 18 cupcakes are combined into this one cupcake in a silicone mold.

You will need to be able to carve a cake with a knife.  Elise makes it look so simple.  After I watched how she used her piping to make the rainbow colored top…..I realized you don’t have to be an expert after all.  I believe I can make this one and so can you.

Watch the Video For How To Make A Rainbow Cupcake

Special Thanks to For Their Screenshots And Article.

Special Thanks to Elise For Her Video Tutorial on Making a Simple Giant at MyCupCakeAddiction.



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