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Brilliant Baking Tips

Instant Cupcake Baking!

I could not stop looking at all the easy ways you can decorate a cupcake with just one idea.

You can bake amazing cupcakes with Duncan Hines or Betty Crocker cake mix and then top them off with any of these cupcake hacks.

So many cupcake ideas to use, I couldn’t decide which one I liked best… I selected two.  The marshmallow on top of a cupcake while baking….I’m thinking to myself…Why did I not think of that.  You could make a s’mores out of them by sticking a piece of Hershey’s chocolate in the center and then place the marshmallow on top.  Eat them right out of the oven.  Nobody is gonna wait for these to cool down.


The other cupcake of course is chocolate in the above picture.  What I liked about it is how beautiful it is.  All you had to do is whip up some meringue and place it on top of your cupcake….just like a DQ Chocolate Dipped Cone.  Serve these up at your family get-together.  They will think you slaved over them.

Guess What They Called These Cupcakes?

…………….Top your cupcakes with a light and fluffy meringue frosting, let it set in the refrigerator, then dip into melted chocolate. Use a spoon to coat the sides to make sure all of the frosting is covered.

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A Special Thanks To The Ming Team For Posting These Gorgeous Cupcakes.  All Screenshots Are From Their Website.


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